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Truckers Hit With 40% Toll Hike In Illinois And It Gets Worse truckers living or driving in Illinois are in for a nasty New Year’s surprise as the Illinois Tollway tolls skyrocketed by 40% on January 1st.

The bad news doesn’t stop there however. In addition to the 40% hike this year, truckers will see two more 10% toll increases over the next two years. Then, in 2018, automatic tolls hikes will be indexed to inflation.

While there’s no toll hike for regular passenger cars this time around, the truck-only fare increases are coming three years after a similar toll hike for four-wheelers.

The increase in tolls is part of an effort to pay for the largest rebuilding and expansion program in the history of the highway system. The $12 billion Move Illinois program is aiming to expand tollways, interstates, and other high-volume roads in Illinois over the next 15 years.

The executive director of the Illinois Tollway Board of Directors, Kristi Lafleur, claims that the toll hikes will actually be saving truckers money. The increased tolls will “ensure that our roads will safely accommodate more trucks while relieving congestion, potentially saving the trucking industry millions of dollars in lost time and fuel.” Read more…