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International Truck Launches New Fuel Efficiency Pack for ProStar addition, it boasts the spec’ing expertise of International’s Performance Engineering Team and Navistar’s proprietary OnCommand Connection™ remote diagnostics system.

“The ProStar ES is by far the highest quality and most fuel efficient package we’ve ever offered,” said John McKinney, Navistar senior vice president, Sales and Marketing.

The ProStar ES was developed to have the lowest wind averaged drag coefficient in the industry. And its supremacy in crosswinds makes it one of the most aerodynamic tractors, in real-world conditions, on the road today.

The ProStar ES offers the Eaton Cummins SmartAdvantage™ powertrain which pairs the Cummins ISX15 with the Eaton Fuller Advantage™ automated transmission, as well as Navistar’s proprietary SCR-based 13-liter engine and the Eaton Fuller Advantage™ automated transmission. Both are matched with the most efficient rear axles in the industry.

The unique SmartAdvantage™ powertrain gives the ProStar ES superior downspeeding capability, allowing it to run at 150-300 fewer RPMs at cruising speed vs. previous offerings.

This is part of what enables the ProStar ES to achieve an 11 percent improvement in fuel economy vs. the 2010 ProStar/MaxxForce® 13/10-speed manual baseline. Read more…