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Hotels4Truckers dropping membership fee announced that, starting later this month, the website offering discounts to drivers on hotel booking as well as verified listings of hotels around the nation with adequate truck parking, will be removing its membership fee of $9.95 completely.

Hotels4Truckers president Daniel Fuller noted that former members whose paid registrations had lapsed would need to have their old memberships manually removed “to allow you to rejoin for free using your email and login credentials.” He advised such prior members to contact 855-438-7275 (855-GET-PARKED) for help in setting up the free membership.

RelatedHotels4Truckers integrates with DAT app, inks more chain partnershipsThe online directory of truck-parking-friendly hotels, featuring discounts on many, is offering free memberships (normally $9.95/year) at its MATS booth #67140. Of the 27 major brands representing around 10,000 hotels participating in the Hotels4Truckers network, “25 of them,” says Fuller, offer discounts of 15-20 percent on rates. The other two, Motel 6 and Studio 6, are 10 percent.” As the network gains subscribers, “we’re hoping, ultimately, that we’ll start picking up more partners that we’ve been talking to over time. Truck drivers deserve a discount of more than 5-10 percent,” even among more deluxe hotel chains, he adds.

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