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Dry Van Carrier with Fleet of 950 Trucks Opts for Driver Retention Program better, during the first six months, Super Service reduced its turnover rate of the highest-risk 10 percent of drivers from 203 percent to 66 percent, retaining an average of 20 drivers per month, and saved more than $60,000.

The company noted that previously, its “approach to driver retention was reactive,” according Vaughn Yow, vice president of operations at Super Service.  The new system, provided by Omnitracs, has been instrumental in the company improving driver retention by “identifying the ‘at-risk’ drivers who were most likely to quit, and then addressing their concerns based on the model’s predictions.”

Yow further stated, “The results have been increased driver satisfaction and reduced churn, and in just one month, the technology paid for itself more than once.”

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